Stanlee.  An adorable and petite boston terrier that was adopted into our family a couple years ago.  My husband and I have developed a very strong love for Stanlee, but have always liked teasing him about his looks.  Our nephew calls him a fire dog and most strangers ask what breed is he?!  Stanlee is very unique in his looks for many reasons: his long crooked tail, mismatched ears, a black spotted body with white hair on top of the spots and his long lean legs.  

Stanlee is everything untraditional about a boston terrier.

You have probably noticed an item in my shop that is a best seller, my boston terrier screen printed shirts.  This screen print originated from a photograph I took of Miley, our perfectly marked beautiful boston terrier.  Miley was our first dog, and I didn't think a boston could be any cuter than her in the beginning.  So, I started screen printing her beautiful face and she has no idea she has traveled via t-shirt all over the world.  
Why do I say all of this about Miley?!  Well, for a year now, I have been given a lovingly hard time about how famous Miley is in my shop, but that Stanlee doesn't get any love and attention through Little Blue Feather.  I knew this was true, but I wasn't sure how I could incorporate Stanlee into my designs and shop.


I realized how well Stanlee models.  He will sit and stay while I take photos of him all day.  He wears props, clothing and accessories so well, all while giving his best regal look for the camera.  

So this weekend, Stanlee modeled five new bow-ties for my shop, complete with a bright teal backdrop and some treats after the photo shoot.  Since I listed the bow-ties in my Etsy shop tonight, I sold the green dots tie and another one was featured on a website!  I like to think that Stanlee is the reason behind the bow-tie love.  Either way, that's what I am telling this sweet little boston tonight.

Thank you Stanlee for such wonderful modeling.  

2 friendly comments:

stephanie said...

he is SO SO SO cute! what a sweetie pie. and a very swell model! ; ) congrats on the success in such a short amount of time!

Sydni said...

he is such a good model! i love his crooked ears!