InstaFriday - 12.09.11

Hello Friday.  I am so glad you made it!

This week husband has worked long crazy hours, so I have spent quite a bit of time at my friend's house and at my favorite coffee bar.  Both have been a lot of fun, but I am ready to spend some time with husband.  Naturally.

Here is a look into my week via Instagram iphone photos:

In love with my new little zippered pouch from Chandelier Jenny.  Business cards go in the pouch, the pouch goes in my purse, the purse tags along with me, and then when someone asks for a business card I can say, "why yes, right here they are!"  It's an amazing system isn't it?!  Much better than the scattered "maybe I have one in my wallet" system I was using before.

Being an adult has it's perks.  No one was able to tell me I couldn't eat this Oreo stuffed chocolate chunk cookie for breakfast.  If you haven't seen the recipe for this yet, check it out here: Oreo stuffed cookie recipe

My new book on how to make your own soaps at home.  If you love a good bar of soap, you just might be surprised how super easy this is!  Tutorial for handmade soap found here.

Stanlee has a photo shoot today for these new dog bow-ties that will be listed in my shop very soon.  Which new fabric is your favorite?!  I'm thinking the green dots and the striped/dot combo in the front are my two favorites.

Since hubby was working nights, I let the dogs sleep in bed with me.  

A nice lunch at my friend's house in the middle of our crafting date.

A handmade bar of orange honey almond soap.

Stanlee is always sitting at my side wanting to know what I am working on.

Stanlee is not very welcoming to the snow.  Poor guy was meant to live in Florida.

So that was our week.  I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

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3 friendly comments:

Alana Karl said...

your zippered pouch is too cute. love those owls!!

Lori said...

How do I contact you? Wondering if you make the India t-'s with the heart over part of India for adults?

LittleBlueFeather said...

Thanks Alana!

Lori: I sent you an email today about adult India tees :)