My love hate relationship with sharks

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been terrified of sharks.  I have always feared the ocean and the unknown swimming in it.  My friends and family tease me about my fear, but I just can't seem to overcome it.  

Ironically, three years ago I got married and my last name became Sharkey.  Despite all those scary real sharks, I can't help but love shark apparel, costumes, drawings and stuffed animals.  There is something really fun about my new last name; a proud feeling I have.   While I am afraid of sharks, I am happy to be Mrs. Sharkey!  

I never would have thought my last name would be the same as my biggest fear :)

Below are a few of my pins from my Sharkey board:
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

*side note* - When we were in North Carolina last month, we found a washed up dead shark on the shore at the end of the island.  It was a smaller shark, but still confirmed my fear and the fact that they do live in shallow water!!!  no. thank. you. sharks.

photo from my friend's mother-in-law's camera.

4 friendly comments:

Mandy said...

I feel exactly the same way! No ocean for me but I love all of those cute sharkey graphics and toys :)

wanda said...

I love the ocean, just from the beach. The best sharky thing I like is my son-in-law :)

Jenny Taylor said...

Wow! That is crazy that you found one washed up. That would totally have freaked me out.

I've only seen the ocean once. And it was the Gulf of Texas (yuck). I wasn't really as concerned with sharks as I was jellyfish. They were everywhere! I didn't stay in the water long. >_<

LittleBlueFeather said...

Oh yeah Jenny, those scare me too! I hear they have been really bad the past few years. I have seen some pretty beaches that I like walking along and watching the water, but that's as exciting as my beach vacations get!