Weekend Recap - Chicago and Renegade Craft Fair

My weekend in Chicago was a lot of fun and I have spent most of the day trying to physically recover from the trip.  We walked a ton, slept a little and shopped til we dropped. {literally}  We had a day and a half to site see, shop and visit family and we definitely squeezed it all in.

Our main purpose for the trip was to have some fun in the city and attend the Renegade Craft Fair.  I must say, I went to Renegade with the idea of talking to artists and taking a lot of photos for the blog, but I left with very few snap shots and a handful of business cards.  There are so many booths and artists that I have thought about all day that left a lasting impression.  However, I didn't feel as prepared as a shopper and a blogger.  These are some things I would do differently next year:
  • save a lot more money before the trip
  • shop the renegade on Saturday and get an idea of the items, booths and artists
  • make a list of all the places I liked and where they were located
  • return on Sunday to purchase, take pictures, and talk to artists 

With 300 booths, a large crowd and the mid day heat it was a little hard to fucus.  There are definitely some things I saw that are going on my Christmas list and I will be checking back with their online stores and making purchases a little at a time!  The biggest thing I would like to do differently next year...apply to have my own booth :)

perfect for college students and their dorm/walk to school.

If we had children, I would have purchase the raccoon, fox and lion prints!  The fox print I am still thinking about purchasing for my workspace...

I liked their stationary display.

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Lish said...

It looks like you had lots of fun...I love being nosy and see what others do in their 'free' time...you should stop by and link someting up at my Frivolous Friday Photo Party...

Have a great weekend!