Positivity Breeds Positivity - 09.18.11

Today I felt a little out of it.  Tired, slow, blah...We all have those days sometimes right?  This evening I was looking back through the daily positive emails from my husband and this one really stood out to me.  Especially the words, "Our habits predict our future".

I really think I need to be making better choices, changing some habits, or creating new ones I guess.  In order to successfully run a small handmade business, I need to keep up with organiztion and tracking inventory and sales trends.  After my weekend in Chicago, I was not only inspired by the city life and art show, I was also inspired from some of the conversations I had with my husband's cousin, who owns a very successful design studio. One of the things he said to me more than once was, "You are afraid of success".  Sure he was teasing me, but there is definitely some truth in that.  I need to say yes to wholesale, try new things and have more confidence!  So I decided to take this daily positive and my cousin's words and create images to print out and put above my workspace!      

How do you stay organized and on top of things?  Do you have inspiration boards above your workspace?!  

Feel free to print these out to add to your workspace!

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Sarah said...

You're awesome and very inspiring, love you :)