Pillows in Progress

This week I am working on more pillows for the shop!  I had a great response to my love pillow and decided to start working on new designs.

I asked my Facebook followers what they would like to see and some of the responses were:

  • love
  • live, laugh love
  • amor, amour, amore
  • fall
  • joy, noel

I looked through my fabrics and pulled some new and old prints that are fall-ish to try and incorporate into my new pillow covers.  After shipping two pillows last week, I realized the price of shipping the pillow cover and pillow form was a little bit more than expected.  I have decided to make all listings pillow covers and have seperate individual listings for the pillow forms.  That way you have the option of the whole pillow shipping together (with accurate shipping costs) or you can purchase just the pillow cover and use a pillow form you already have at home, or purchase one from your local craft store.  This also makes it easier for you to change things up with new covers, colors and designs!

The pillows will be listed in the shop by the weekend for you to purchase! 

2 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

it'd be great if you came over and taught me to sew! my machine taunts me.
the pillow are going to be fabulous, and i love the fabrics.

LittleBlueFeather said...

Thanks Kelly!! I am still learning so much with my sewing machine. It can be intimidating trying new stuff. I have learned so much through trial and error that's for sure!