New pillows in the shop today

You might want to take a peak at my shop today for some new and updated listings!  I learned to sew pillows a short while ago and have become a little obsessed with making them lately!   

Here is what I love about sewing pillows:
  • I don't need to keep size inventory
  • all I need is my favorite fabrics and my imagination
  • It's fun to make an item completely from scratch with endless possibilities
  • It is easy to incorporate upcycled fabrics and scraps into your pillow 

When I purchase fabric, I usually buy between half a yard - 2 yards.  Sometimes this stinks because I run out and am unable to purchase more because of location (My favorite fabric store is in Columbus Ohio, Sew to Speak) or it has been replaced with something different.  On the positive side, it keeps them unique from the rest and keeps things fresh :)  So if you see one you love, you might want to snatch it up before I run out of the fabric!

hand stamped love pillow with pink rosette

Love for Africa Screen Printed Pillow with Appliqued Heart

Grey and Mustard Yellow Pleated Pillow Cover 18x18 in.

Watercolor Flowers and Birds Pillow Cover 18x18

Larger pillows are sold just as *pillow covers*.  This saves on shipping costs and allows you to change with the seasons :)

{I might have made a couple more that I just had to keep
 for my new couch at home.  You understand, right?! ;)}

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new pillows and what your favorite items are to sew!  I am always looking for new projects!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Thank you to facebook followers that took part in the exclusive coupon code over the weekend!  Orders will be shipped today and tomorrow! 

3 friendly comments:

Allison said...

I loooove these!!

Wanda said...

I love your pillows! When I receive my chair I will have you design one for me.

Abbeliz said...

Love these Michelle! Especially the gray and mustard pleated one :)