{Inspiration Workshop} - Front Porch Sitting

This week I am linking up again with gussy sews for her inspiration workshop week #12.  This weeks topic: front porches

Front porch sitting; something I am really looking forward to now that the crazy hot temperatures are cooling it a little here in Ohio.  Now that we have a patio, I am excited to sit outside with the dogs, eat lunch, craft and play scrabble with the Mr.

However, when I sit outside our patio now, this is my view:
This summer we tried growing our own herbs for the first time and as you can see, I killed our plants :(

So I think it is safe to say I didn't water the herbs and flowers enough for the really hot temperatures, and I even tried plant food which also failed.  

On the positive side, Miley loves her outdoor cushion and watching neighbors walk by.  

And we purchased a mosaic elephant outdoor dining table from World Market which is lovely {no chairs yet, so we just bring out our dining room chairs}

I am thankful we now have a patio, but when I sit here I try to imagine the photo above.  Wood floors, fabric bunting, yellow bench, red door, lots of space for everyone and of course, lots of live plants...

...Someday ;)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

3 friendly comments:

Jenny Taylor said...

My plants have all died, too! If it's anything like it has been in Texas, it's nearly impossible to keep anything alive. The heat just zaps them.

Your blog is so cute!

Amanda said...

Your porch is SO sweet!

Earl-Leigh said...

I cant keep plants alive...no matter the weather. Your inspiration is beautiful and I know that you'll get there!

Your blog is cute too, thank you for visiting mine!