Five Favorites: Stanlee Edition

five of my favorite things about our adopted boston terrier stanlee

  1. his over the top excitement to see me every morning when we wake up 
  2. his mismatched ears
  3. his stance
  4. his little face is so full of expression
  5. he loves to be loved on

Stanlee makes me smile every day and I can't imagine our family without him.  He is very unique in his looks, he is loyal and seems to be very happy living life as a Sharkey pup.  When I sit at my desk and work, he is usually right there beside me.  Stanlee is loved so much, he even made an appearance at a birthday party last weekend! ;)  He really is a special pup.

1 friendly comments:

coolpatt said...

I love Stanlee! His ears are my fav. For some reason he reminds me of a doggie version of Eli lol!