Before and After: Homemade Raspberry Jam Recipe

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Things you will need:

Lots of raspberries
Lots of sugar
A few boxes of pectin
Jars with sealable lids 
Small pot
Medium pot
Large pot
Two pairs of tongs
Pot holder
Wooden spoon
Large bowls
Measuring cup
Clean up supplies

Before you start:

Wash all jars and lids.  The best way is to wash the jars in the dishwasher and keep the door closed after they are clean to keep the heat in.  You will transfer the hot jars into a medium pot of really hot water to keep them sterile throughout the jamming process.

After you wash, puree and sift the berries [to get rid of all the little seeds] you are ready to start jamming!

Measure 5 cups of berries and pour into small pot.  Stir in one packet of pectin and bring to boil.  Once the berries are boiling, pour into large pot resting on a different stove burner.

Add your butter and sugar...Everything tastes better with butter and sugar ;)

Bring to a hard rolling boil for one minute.

Using tongs, remove the glass jars from the boiling water, dump any excess water, and place on the counter next to large pot.

Using a funnel and ladle, pour raspberry goodness into the jars.

*Very important step* Use a paper towel to remove any liquid from the rim of the jar.  This keeps the jar sterile and creates a nice suction on lid.

Once you screw the lid on, place on a table and listen for all the lids to pop!  That sounds lets you know they are good to go!  If your jars are not sealed, you will need to eat within the week or two.  After your jars have cooled and the lids have popped, you can gather all your favorite crafting supplies and decorate your jars so they are ready for gifting.  These little jam jars are *perfect* for Christmas stockings, get-togethers and wedding favors!

A photo from Gretchen's wedding.  200+ little jam jars with seating information for the guests.

Thanks to Marianne and Gretchen for always making the most delicious raspberry goodies and inviting me to jam with you at your lovely home.  It is always a fun time :)  

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