Outdoor Green Crafts For Children

I recently discovered the best children's summer crafting book!  Even though I do not have kids, I was still overly excited about the really cool summer crafts this book has to offer and thought I would share for all of you with little ones!  

Find it, Make it is a book with 35 craft projects for kids that include using materials they find in nature.  The book encourages you to spend the day at a park, beach, or outdoor play area of your choice and collect little things throughout the visit.  Find it, Make it then gives you 35 project ideas to use your rocks, weeds, grass, shells, sand, leaves, etc. to make awesome artwork!  It teaches your kids to be creative and environmentally friendly at the same time.  This book also gets you and your child out of the house, enjoying nature, crafting and spending quality time together.  
perfect :)

Available on amazon and at Barnes and Noble

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