New Week, New Schedule

The past week I have thought a lot about to-do lists, schedules and design ideas.  I have become the type of person that must have a post-it note reminder in order for me to remember daily things.  Sometimes I think, where has my brain traveled off to?!  My sister-in-law recently teased me about my post-its on my front door asking myself:

-iron off?

It might seem silly, but it has turned into my reality.  Justin smiles and shakes his head all the time when we leave the apartment and start walking to the car and I say Oh! I forgot my phone, be right back. And instead of going back to the apartment he stops me and says, here you go, I grabbed it for you because you walked right out the door without it.  My wonderful hubs, always looking out for me and not giving me too hard of a time for my weak memory ;)

So, in my promise to keep a more organized work space, I believe this also means a more efficient work space.  I am no longer going to pretend that I will remember in two weeks what I wanted to include in a specific blog post, or a tweet from a favorite follower I want to write about or include in my inspiration board.  Starting today, I am converting into a "list" person.  I want to be able to check things off, see my schedule above my workspace and stay on track the rest of 2011.  

One of my schedules I put to paper was weekly blog topics.  Here is the short version:

Monday - weekend family time recap/what I am working on this week for LBF

Tuesday - open for inspiration, tutorial, article sharing, etsy treasuries, etc.

Wednesday - wordless wednesday - photo sharing with a specific topic

Thursday - gussy sews inspiration workshop link up party

Friday - little blue feather sitings - this is something new, light hearted and fun.  each week I will be sharing a photograph of a little blue feather or a LBF accessory or shirt out and about.

Saturday - why buy local, hand made and/or organic.  this might include a tutorial to making your own soap, artist interviews and spotlights or buying from your local non-chain retail stores.  

This Monday, I am working on to-do lists, schedule planning, preparing future blog posts and displaying them above my workspace.  What are you working on this Monday!?! :)

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Sarah said...

Hehe what kinda sister-in- law would I be not to tease you? Especially growing up with justin! Love you :) hope to see you soon