National Pet Month!

May is National Pet Month!  So what does this mean you might ask?!  I say we should love on our pets a little more, support pet adoption and in my case, maybe I will let them sleep in bed with me for a night or two ;)

Recently I have been working on a new product for LBF, and now that it is officially National Pet Month, I am ready to show you!  Introducing, LittleBlueFeather for your pup!  I am now selling bow-tie collars (bow-tie is detachable...which is awesome!) and bandanas for the lady pups.  I will be listing them throughout the day on etsy for you to purchase, and will also be traveling to the store to pick up more supplies for new collars.  This might be my new favorite thing to make!  Next year, maybe I will learn to make rain coats for dogs since Ohio is the new Seattle!

Click here to visit the official pet month website and find ways to have fun with your pet this month!

Happy Monday

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coolpatt said...

Stanlee and Miley look great in their new bow ties!