A Day In Columbus

I had what you would call a lovely Saturday!  The sun finally came out and Justin and I decided to travel to Columbus and spend time in the city and with our friends!  We spent the day getting a hair cut, fabric shopping at Sew to Speak (the CUTEST fabric store in Ohio), photographing new hair pieces at the Park of Roses, eating lunch at our favorite campus place, checking out the new additions to OSU and last but not least, putting together an amazing play-set for little Griffin!  And by "we" putting it together that means the boys did work while the girls sat outside and enjoyed coffee and catching up. :)  

It was so nice to spend the day with Kendra and Abbey, my two oldest friends, and our families.  I can't wait for more summer days like this!

loose elastic headband with floral cotton fabric flower and blue button.
loose elastic headband with mini hydrangea and two wispy white feathers.
Cotton rosette flower clip with silver button.
berry colored wool felt head band with guinea feathers.
my happy husband :)
so much love in this tree.
love him.
finally!  blooms on the trees!
the boys almost done with Griffin' play-set!

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shelia said...

lucky griff! love the headgear!