Model Profile...Meet Gretchen!

Gretchen was my roommate my freshman year at Ohio State and we have been best of friends since!  She is a a graduate, wife, sister, best friend, crafter, artist, world traveler, auntie and adventurer!  Woah, that's a lot of things!  When my husband and I moved 3 hours north for his job, the great thing about that was the short one hour drive I was from Gretchen and her family.  It has made us even closer and I really appreciate her husband, sister and parents for making their home a second home for me.  

So, now about the modeling...  Gretchen is pretty easy going, and whenever I ask her "hey do you want to model?"  She always says "Sure!", puts on her favorite hand made earrings and a smile.  Gretchen has really gorgeous natural red curly hair that is perfect for modeling hair accessories!  Sometimes I think, "Wow, that probably doesn't even look half as good in my dull brown straight hair!"  I really appreciate her willingness to model and all the inspiration and encouragement she gives Little Blue Feather.  You will be seeing her later in the year when I start my monthly artist spotlights/interviews!  For now, here are some great photos of Gretchen and LBF accessories.

I had the chance to visit Gretchen earlier this week, and she decided to give me my birthday present a little early....

I love my hand made bracelet and earrings!  Thank you so much Gretchen!  I was just asked on a date tonight ;)  Looks like I will be wearing them to dinner and a movie on this fabulous Friday!

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coolpatt said...

WOW!! The jewerly she makes is so beautiful!