Handmade Bridal Sash


I was not able to find a wide variety of pearls and sparkle embellishments.  I tried to keep in mind that you prefer pearls over lots of sparkle.  What I found was that this type of thing comes in small packs and selection is limited.  These I thought looked the best quality at the stores compared to some others.  I can use any, none or all of them.

This is a satin flower that has a lot of layers to it.  It could have an embellishment in the center, or I can keep layering the fabric to close in the center without any embellishment.

All four different styles of flowers.  Different embellishment ideas in each.

Folded rosette flower with embellishment ideas.

Another option is to pick one style and go however many across you would like.

Another combination option.

close up to see the detail of this flower style.

This past weekend I met a bride-to-be with some flowers I created for a handmade bridal sash.  I was so excited when she approached me about creating a sash that she will be wearing with her ivory wedding gown.  The bride shared some inspiration photos and I got to work creating a few different variations of bridal flowers and rosettes.  I have never worked with bridal materials, and rarely use any "bling" in my everyday crafting and sewing.  This was a big step out of my comfort zone, but it was also exciting to try something new.  When I step outside of my bubble, I am extremely nervous; however, 99% of the time it turns out and I am left with a big smile and appreciation for trying something new.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the flower combinations the bride decided on, but it was a big cluster of five different sizes of satin fluffy flowers in champagne and silver layered with pearls and rhinestones on an ivory ribbon sash.  It was beautiful!  The stash definitely makes a statement, in a very classy way.

Maybe this project was a door opened to something new I will try in 2013.  I make a lot of dog collar accessories for pups that are in weddings, and maybe I will venture out and experiment with more bridal styles for everyone in weddings.  We shall see...