Knowing When To Say No

With owning a handmade business, I am always learning something new.  And lately it seems I have been testing myself on how much I can actually do.  I want to participate in every LBF opportunity, but realistically, as of right now my business is run by me, myself and I with the occasional help from a couple family members.  

I'm learning it is ok to say no sometimes.  

Recently, I have been excited to see LBF grow.  I have dreams for where I want to see my business go, and taking risks, putting yourself out there and working hard is a part of this.  

I've had a couple marketing and store consignment opportunities come my way that I was super excited about.  I am always wanting to reach a new audience and my first reaction is to always hop on board.  I've realized that by myself, I can not yet take on all of the things I want to.  Instead, I need to choose the better business decisions for right now.  Does that mean I can't try again in 6 months?  Absolutely not.  I think the best thing I can do for my business is to treat it like a business, but make smart choices creatively, financially and realistically...

Then I can see where LBF can really grow.  

Sometimes saying no, or passing on one opportunity, makes way for something new.  Something different, and something better suited for your business.  As soon as I started questioning if I could really take on another consignment store, I was emailed with requests to place another wholesale order to a store I sold wholesale to earlier in the year.  That same day...I got another wholesale request in my inbox.  
One door closes, another door opens, right?!

Learning to say no, I can't leave my studio today because I have a lot to work OK.
Saying no to a store consignment offer is OK if you think it will be a lot more work than you have time available.  More opportunities, exciting opportunities, will keep coming around if you keep putting yourself out there.  Until then, I am still learning my limits and finding more efficient ways to run my business and make my products.

Tonight I read this post on Gussy Sews blog, and this last paragraph really spoke to me.
"...Treat it like a business and it will produce like a business. Treat it like a hobby, it will produce like a hobby. Don’t be afraid to delegate things so that you are able to focus more on using YOUR talents on income-producing activities..."
Click here to read Jaima's whole post.

4 friendly comments:

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

I agree with this! Recently, I've had to say no to selling my products in an AWESOME store here in Houston,TX. I was very disappointed, but I've got so much going on! I also work a full time job running a doctor's office. I want my small business to grow, but I had to stop and think about how I can actually make that happen because I do everything myself like you do. Thank you for this post :)

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

I don't have my own business, but I find it hard to say no too. It is something that I am working on.
Hope you have a great weekend girlie! Wish you lived closer so you could meet up with Natalie, Steph, and I. :) xoxo

Darby said...

This is something that I personally struggle with most of the time. I am definitely getting better but still a work in progress! Thanks for the great reminder (I needed to hear it)

LittleBlueFeather said...


Thanks Darby for the comment! I'm glad you were able to connect with this post. I struggle right there with ya.