Changes To Little Blue FeatherS

Recently I have been making some changes to Little Blue Feathers.  The biggest change that I feel like I need to share first is the slight name change.

Little Blue Feathers

When I started my shop, I loved the name Little Blue Feather.  The name comes from the little blue feather that is included in every package before it ships.  Cute, right?!  I opened my etsy shop and created my FB page.  But then I wanted to start a blog and LittleBlueFeather [dot] blogspot [dot] com was taken and so was LittleBlueFeather [dot] com.  Then I moved on to LittleBlueFeather [at] gmail [dot] com and that was also taken already.  I found myself changing my blog and email to LittleBlueFeathers and hoped that adding the s to the ending wouldn't matter so much and I would just continue on.  

In reality, that started to confuse people even more.  Some of my friends, family and customers were talking to me about this recently so I decided to make sure everyone knew of the recent changes!

Now, everything is Little Blue Feathers with the added S.  The only exception is my Facebook page because I am unable to change my page name, but the link to get to my FB page is  Hopefully this will help people better find LBF on the web, and eliminate any confusion.

Links you can find Little Blue Feathers:
Twitter:  @LilBlueFeathers -
Instagram:  @LittleBlueFeathers 
Landing Page with all of the above:

Another change coming to Little Blue Feathers is a schedule change.  

Working with a daily schedule is not a strong point for me.  I struggle with doing an 8-5 which is one of the reasons I wanted to start my own business.  Some mornings I wake up at 6am ready to go, while other days I like to stay up until 2am because I can't seem to put my sewing machine away!  It's probably not the best thing, but I am working on consistency. Until then, my husband and I have decided that instead of a daily schedule, a weekly schedule would be better for me.  This new weekly schedule consists of specific week days dedicated to etsy orders, packaging and shipping, while other days will be focusing on making new products, photography, updating my etsy and blog content.  Lately I seem to feel frustrated that I am not making enough time for all of the new ideas brewing in my mind, so having a "free day" away from filling etsy and store orders I will be able to create more new products.  This also means because I will not be working on filling etsy orders every day of the week, I have extended my lead time to 3-7 business days before orders ship.

In addition to the new schedule, I will stop accepting custom orders on Monday October 22.  With the holiday shopping season approaching really fast, I will be putting all custom order requests on hold again until the first of the year.  

Phew.  That was a lot of information.  
Thank you for reading and understanding!

3 friendly comments:

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

These all sound like great changes and I have to say Little Blue Feathers rolls off the tongue so much sweeter <3

{just.lovely.things} said...

hey love! i was able to change my facebook user name.. some people see a spot to change it, some dont so i hope this helps..

go to your business page, click on the bar that lets you 'show/hide' your stats.. you want to click the button that says 'edit page' then 'edit info' a few below there is a name change and you can 'request change' hope it works!!! xo

Jenny Taylor said...

I know how it is trying to streamline everything and do a name change. I'm glad that yours has worked out, though, and that it wasn't a drastic change because I love Little Blue Feathers. :)

Good luck with your schedule! It can be so tricky balancing everything.