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It was one year ago exactly that my husband started his new position here in northeast Ohio.  
{My husband works for a large freight company that originated in Ohio and is located in several cities across the midwest.}  
Today marks the end of my husband's time here and although his service center is proud, they are very sad to see him go.  Yesterday I attended his going away lunch party, and it was very nice to hear the amount of people come up to me and say how much they are going to miss him.  It's a great feeling knowing that the dedication and hard work he has put into this company is not only being rewarded, but it is very visible and appreciated.  And today, I have an emotional heart for my husband's last day, and his good-byes he has to say to some of his favorite employees yet.

This will be our fourth move in four years, and after one year in the Cleveland/Akron area, it is time to say goodbye and move to our next location - southwest Ohio.
It's bittersweet in a way.
This new job offer is an amazing opportunity for my husband, we will be closer to family, I will have more help with LBF if/when needed during busy seasons and we will get to spend more time with our always-growing-too-quickly nephews and niece. 

Although there are so many wonderful things coming from this move, it will be hard to leave our lives here.  The past year we have discovered so many hidden gems in northeast Ohio and made great friends along the way.  It's never easy to leave people you love in a city you love, but I know this past year was more than just a location for my husband and I.  It's our way of life.  No matter where we live, we will find new adventures.  We will seek out local places and friendly faces, and for this I am excited to see what lies ahead in out new city.  In two weeks from today, I will finish packing up our apartment and move into our new place.  I'm 100% sure there will be tears but don't mind them, they will be good tears associated with good memories and faces I had the pleasure of meeting along the way.  I'm ready for the next chapter!

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