A perfect weekend

There is so much I love about this man, this face and our weekends together.  Sometimes during the week, Justin might have long hours to work, we go to bed really early and the days seem to fly by.  I always look forward to our weekends because that means I get a full 2 days with my Mr. and we can do just about whatever we want.  

Surprisingly, this weekend started a little early!

Justin and I woke up at our usual time of 6{ish} on Friday, but we kind of had a slow start to our morning.  After about 30 minutes passed, I realized he had not yet showered, chosen his work clothes for the day or showed any sign of being in a hurry for work.  I asked him if he was planning on getting cleaned up soon and that was when he flashed me a big smile and said "I took the day off!"  To say I was excited just seems like an understatement. 

This meant we had 3 full days together!  We took advantage of all of that time and did some of our favorite weekend things:
  • local shops - including record stores, antique shops, handmade stores and coffee houses.
  • small local restaurants.
  • ice cream.  We looooooove ice cream.
  • movies.  We might have rented 7 from the library for this past weekend.
  • discovering new areas in northeast Ohio.
  • cooking together.
  • couch cuddle time with the pups.
  • having music on all day in our apartment.
  • window shopping for things we don't need.
  • and eating lots of sweets and coffee.
These are some of our usuals.  This weekend we actually did all of that and more!

Justin loves adding records to his collection.

We went to a Dr. Seuss exhibit at an art gallery celebrating his birth month.

Best. Ice Cream. Ever.  Trust me, I eat a lot of ice cream.

What do your weekends look like?!  

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Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

It seems like a weekend full of fun for you guys!