The past couple weeks, I have been really excited about....well...life!  Around here things have been really busy, but busy in a good way!  Justin and I have made some changes to my studio space {more on this coming soon}, I got seriously organized and have enjoyed some really nice weather with the pups.  This week, northeast Ohio has warm sunny days ahead, I have new painting and art supplies to work with, a handsome man to take out for his 27th birthday and some family time to look forward to this weekend and next.  Not to mention, Little Blue Feather is experiencing some changes and new opportunities that are adding to all of this excitement I am feeling!

For Little Blue Feather, I am participating in new shows, selling at local shops, I have worked on custom orders that have sparked new ideas and was even included in a digital magazine!!!  All of these things are really exciting and I think I have finally reached the place in my business where I am making items and decisions on what truly makes me happy.  I make time to enjoy all the things I love to do outside of work, as well as creating new products that really reflect my style and begin with my favorite shirts and designer fabrics.

I think there has been a lot of discovering {and rediscovering} what it is that truly makes me happy and I am trying to do more of that.  And let me tell you, I feel so energized!  I encourage you to find out what that is for you and work toward those things.  Maybe this print {found via Pinterest} will help remind you!

**Shop Update**
New baby onesies were added last Thursday and Friday to my Etsy store!