Blog Anniversary Week!

This week, my blog turns one!  It's weird for me to think that I started this little space on the internet a year ago.  I have learned so so much along the way, and my reason for blogging has shifted to something a little more personal.

When I think back to the beginning, I started my blog because I remember hearing that if you have an online shop, you should have a blog.  This was honestly my reason for creating  I didn't really know what I was doing, I just knew it was a step in the right direction.

In the beginning, I read so many articles on how to have a successful blog.  I have read about how many times a day you should post, what blog designs best appeal to readers, how to gain more followers, how many new blogs you should check out and introduce yourself to each week....

...the list goes on and on...

Sure these were great suggestions, but for me, I have realized that this little space of mine can be turned into whatever I want, and whatever comes natural to me.  Writing has not always been something that comes easy, therefore posting every day is something I probably won't develop for a while on here.  And you know what, I have learned that it's ok.  I want my blog to be something really fun for me and reflect who I am.

This little blog of mine is not just to have because I am a handmade business owner that "should have a blog that goes with it", but instead to connect with others, fuel my creative side, share other passions like crafting and photography and to encourage me to do things normally out of my comfort zone.

Recently, I read this article from Pugly Pixel and I love what she has to say about sustainable blogging:
"When we impose a lot of rules on something that’s supposed to be fun (for example, by binding post topics to a rigid weekly schedule), we feel bad when we just can’t deliver...I realize that consistency is a requirement for blog success (whatever success means to you), but consistency doesn’t just mean posting regularly every day. It can mean posting with consistent quality. It can mean posting with consistent excitement and enthusiasm. And it can mean being consistently true to yourself and posting only when you feel like it."
-Katrina from Pugly Pixel

This week I will be celebrating my blog anniversary with a fun giveaway and some of my favorite photos and posts over the last year!  

Stay tuned!

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Kelly said...

happy blogiversary.
that article was great.