Valentine's Day is in exactly 1 month from today!  Have you started thinking about decorations and little gifts to surprise your loved one with?!  Well, it's been on my mind lately.  Valentine's Day isn't a huge holiday around here, but it is really nice to do something a little special for your valentine {spouse, kids, pets, friends and family all fall under the choices for choosing your valentine.  Actually, I don't think anyone will judge if you have more than one!}

I think I will cook something special, bake something sweet, decorate with my new little banner and spend quality time with the Mr. and the pups.  Stanlee has already started showcasing the new Valentine's Day dog bow-tie!  

What are your plans for your loved ones?!

2 friendly comments:

stephanie said...

you are so cute! i love your outfit and that banner is adorable! to be honest i haven't thought once about valentines day until i saw this post! now you have my wheels turning ; )

Jenny Taylor said...

I have a pair of red heart sunglasses that I only wear on Valentine's day. I look forward to it every year, though. I love them!

And as far as decorations go, V-Day is absolutely my favorite holiday. :D

Your photos are so adorable!