Remember the surprise date night I was to expect this past weekend?!  Well, it was a pretty great date!

Mr. Sharkey and I love to go out on dates of any kind.  It is something we look forward to every weekend.  Sometimes it is a coffee date, a movie, dinner or an evening driving around looking at Christmas lights.

This particular date was a special date night that remained a surprise until we were seated at dinner.  {FYI men, women find this kinda stuff so romantic}  We went to a local restaurant in downtown Akron called Crave.  It's menu is trendy and the dining room was filled with large abstract paintings and a young modern vibe.  The atmosphere was romantic and our food was fantastic. I am still thinking about how amazing their gouda cheese gravy like side was on top of our steak skewers appetizer.  Oh my...  

After dinner, we walked down the street to the old Akron theater and saw The Nutcracker.  This was our first time going to a ballet, and husband's first time in an old theater for any type of show!  I was really impressed by the dancers, and the little mice were one of my favorites things to watch in the show ;)

It was lovely.

I hope you find extra time to date this time of year.  :)

2 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

i am going to see the nutcracker saturday i cant wait i haven't been in years.
dates are so cozy this time of year. i am glad you two had fun!

Sydni said...

ohh that's so fun!! i used to see the nutcracker every year with my mom but i haven't been in years!