This week I have done....nothing.  Husband and I returned home Monday night, and by Tuesday night we were feeling less than healthy.  Somewhere in between the family get-togethers and Christmas parties, we came in contact with quite a few people just getting over being sick, were currently sick, or were about to be sick.

The past few days we have been exhausted.  After loosing the battle of self-medicating and resting, I went to the urgent care Thursday morning to get an antibiotic. The doctor sent out a throat culture and said by the looks of my throat, I had strep (which isn't surprising because this is a usual sickness for me this time of year.)  Husband on the other hand, has had a really awful head cold that he somehow managed to work through until taking a sick day today.  After watching movies all day, laying in bed, and eating ice cream, we are on the road to recovery.

The pups have been great company this week.

Now that I am down to only one nap a day, and my brain is functioning a little better, I plan to share with you a look into our holidays and goals for the new year!   

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Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

:'( Feel better soon girl!!!