InstaFriday - 12.16.11

In exactly one week, I will be in my hometown, visiting family, baking, watching cable TV, eating too many sweets, laughing, cuddling boston terriers, giving gifts and spending quality time with my loved ones.  I really can't wait!  

So, this means I have 7 days to finish shopping, make more gifts, wrap all my gifts, bake for Justin's work Christmas party, mail Christmas cards {yes I still have not done this..} and make a few batches of Oreo BonBons.  <---Recipe post coming very soon.

While I am very excited for the next 7 days, here is a look into my last 7 days via Instagram phone photos:
Husband hung our stockings and Christmas lights around our tiny little fireplace.  And yes, MileyJo and Stanlee have stockings too ;)

This Monday we are attending an ugly Christmas attire party at my friends house!  This past week I helped her set up a handmade photo booth for the party.  The stripes?!...Well, it is wrapping paper!  And I must take a moment to say how proud I am that we matched up the stripes so well!  

Mr. Sharkey took Wednesday off of work!  We did some Christmas shopping and personal shopping.  I told him I was on the hunt for very very very very very very very very warm items.  And every time I said that, I made sure there were 8 very's in the sentence. That's how serious I was and how cold it already feels.  I did not purchase this hat, but it is at Urban Outfitters along with many other awesome hats.
Our warm hunt continues... 
My first thought was, we live in Ohio, not Alaska...Then I remembered we are expected 50+ inches of snow on average in our area.  I mean, maybe they sell these for a reason here in Northeast Ohio?!
While Oreo shopping today, I came across this beautiful package.  Triple-Double Oreos.  It's like the Oreo factory knows me or something?!

That's all for now!  I am going to be sharing an Oreo BonBon recipe this weekend and a very memorable Christmas vacation husband and I had a couple years ago.  Stay tuned!!

Christmas Countdown: 9 days

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Chelsea said...

I have one thing to say: I NEED THOSE OREOS!! Whoa-- that totally just blew my mind!