Five Favorites: Nail Color

I have always been the type of girl who is really into products.  One thing about me is that I have super sensitive skin that loves to breakout and react to stress, scents and rough textures.  Because of my sensitive skin, I have spent a lot of time in the beauty and cosmetics aisle at Target and made special trips to stores like Sephora and Ulta.  Over the past several years, I have been on the look out for new skin care and makeup.  After spending so much time in these departments, a fun new product started calling my name.  Nail Polish.


When I shop for skin care, I don't feel as guilty as when I am shopping for nail polish.  I can justify my purchases for an all natural body wash, soap or facial moisturizer; but when it comes to nail polish, it's completely self-indulgent.


Last month at my friend's wedding, I couldn't decide what color to paint my nails.  I tried a new color on every finger, with the full intention of using one of their new OPI sparkly polishes for my bling finger.  My friend Aubrey, the bride, was so carefree about what we wanted to do with our look that day and she encouraged me to go for it.  So I ended up with four orange nails and one light blue super sparkly bling ring finer nail.  It sure made me feel young and fun :)  Justin on the other hand saw my nails and jokingly said "Umm...who let Michelle make her own decisions today?!" ;)

Not only have I been into different colors, I also love looking at fun designs people have done with their nails.  It is almost like a new form of art I am falling in love with.  Here are five of my favorite nail art designs I have found online recently:

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