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I am linking up with Gussy again for another week of her inspiration workshop.  Today's topic is your favorite store.

This was kind of hard for me.  There are a lot of stores I like, and it is hard to narrow it down to one.  Do I pick the one I shop at the most? Maybe, but that doesn't mean it is my favorite, that just means I can afford it and I like it!  Since this is an inspiration workshop, I chose my favorite store that never fails to inspire me.

Anthropologie is unlike any other store!  First off, every location is very different from the rest.  They do not have rules from corporate to count exactly 50 stars in their window displays and place this specific color scheme and dresses in the main window.  They are unique.  Their store design team pushes themselves to create amazing displays out of the most simple everyday items.  I saw an awesome lamp shade this past weekend and when I looked closer, it was made from dyed coffee filters.  I have seen safari animals made out of book pages and flowers made from ripped cardboard.  I have even seen waterfalls, vintage bicycles and live plants throughout their stores.  I can't help but to be inspired when I walk into an Anthropologie!

Not only am I amazed by the store layout and design, but I love their clothing, accessories and home decor items.  I don't think I can sum up their style into one word, but I would say they combine very feminine, vintage, and romantic labels in their store.  I have worn few items from them, but when I am clothed in Anthro, I feel soft, feminine and lovely!


If you have an Anthropologie in your area, I recommend taking a walk through it and let yourself be completely inspired.  Depending on your budget, you might not be able to afford much (or any if you are like me) but they will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

4 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

in Huntsville alabama they have grass growing out of the outside walls. they never disappoint.

Bethany said...

The outside of the one in NOLA is all dark wood slats with a dark teal, and the one in Birmingham is white and blue and looks like a beach house. So cool.

Simone Howell said...

Always love your posts! Funny that your blog is the one I seem to be drarn to first out of all those thumbnails! Anthro is always sooo inspiring! One of my faves as well.

Jen said...

Anthropologie is my favorite shop too!!

I never knew that about the shop decor being different and independent. It is SOOO inspiring!