Weekend Recap and Alexander Henry Love

This past weekend was beautiful!  The weather was 80s and sunny......but Justin and I pretty much slept and relaxed on our couch all weekend.  I know, we should have went to the beach, or bike riding in the park, but sometimes you just need to relax, sleep and spend time together doing nothing.  I woke up today ready for a new week, with new lists and extra energy.  

This week I am making more pillows with adorable fabrics purchased at a local store in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park area.  I am going to try patchwork, new flowers, more pleats, and other fun ideas.  Some of my new fabrics are from designer Alexander Henry, and I am just {in love} with them!  

My promise this week is to create as many new items as possible so when my camera returns home from the geek squad, it will be ready to play again :)  

sneak peek of my new favorite print <3
instagram photo

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