New Onesies In My Shop

The past couple weeks I have worked on a lot of different things.  I have mainly filled etsy orders but found some time to make new designs for my shop.  I must say, I have focused more on the little girl clothing, but have plans to make new monsters and boy items coming soon!  Take a look at these three new onesies for the little ladies.

I also re-listed my personalized pink letter onesie!  After looking at four different fabric stores, I decided to go with a softer pink polka dot fabric to replace my discontinued bright pink bird.  I was unable to find a similar bright pink fabric and this pink polka dot is a classic and great match with the grey pin dot fabric.

And last but not least, my green letter owl onesie is re-listed in my shop!  The owl's body is my favorite thing about this onesie.  What is better than an owl made out of an owl printed fabric!?  This fabric has also been discontinued, but I do have enough to make lots of mini owls resting on your favorite letter :)
This happy little baby is my beautiful niece!

Headband: LittleBlueFeather.  Photography:Amelia Sharkey Photography.

Happy shopping!

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