My daily routine {or lack thereof}

Ok, I will be honest with you, I struggle with establishing a daily "routine".  I have tried a few different patterns and schedules this year and nothing seems to stick.

One thing I tried earlier this year was waking up in the morning with Justin and making my schedule the same as his.  I thought this was perfect, we will wake up together, gain an extra 30 minutes or so to spend together in the mornings, work the same hours and then at night we will go to bed at the same time.  That sounds wonderful, but let me say this, for 26 years I have never been a morning person. ever.  Waking up between 5-6 am {sometimes earlier} did not enhance my mood, motivation or inspiration.  Yes it was nice to see my hubby in the morning before he went in to work, but was that really the best schedule for me?  I gained an extra 30 minutes with him every morning but my days were spent tired, uninspired, dragging and not as productive.  So, I switched over to my somewhat sort-of schedule I currently have.  It's crazy and unorganized, but oddly I think it is working for me.  I still have family time with Justin when he gets home from work and on the weekends, but I stay up late and accomplish much more in the night time than early morning hours.  Sometimes I get a little carried away and find myself still sewing or writing until 1-2 am.

Some of my favorite daily things:
Miley loves hanging out the window!
Ice cream sundae.  Deeeeeelish!

  • My kiss bye from Justin every morning
  • Seeing Stanlee when I wake up.  I don't think anyone has ever been as excited to see me as much as Stanlee is every single morning <3
  • Taking the dogs for a drive, usually we are running to the post office.
  • Hearing Justin come through the door after work.  This is a very exciting time for everyone.  I smile, Stanlee barks and Miley jumps as high as she can.
  • Time spent with my sewing machine
  • Eating something sweet, preferably ice cream or chocolate.  Yes, this is a daily thing that I need...

One thing Maggie from Gussy Sews mentioned in her prompt was how amazing it is to see people's different lifestyles, personalities, relationships, careers.  What do you include in your everyday?  Do you have a specific routine that works great for you?  I am still discovering mine!

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Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Oh, I understand the struggle for a daily schedule, but it's important to find what works for you. Your doggie is cuuuute! :)