Why Buy Handmade?

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

This week I took the pledge at buyhandmade.org to buy from handmade artists for myself and gifts for others.  As a handmade business owner, I put a lot of time and heart into my work.  Sometimes this means having to learn from trial and error, redrawing designs, and thinking about your products, customers and ideas around the clock.  When you buy handmade, you are buying from a specific person {a real person just like me}.  A person that probably has a story they would love to share with you.  A person that is trying to follow their dream and spread the love of their work and handmade community!

The fact is, when you buy an item that is handmade, you are probably going to pay more.  If comparing t-shirts, you might be able to find a kids screen printed t-shirt for $8.50 at a large chain, and at a handmade boutique or online at etsy, you might spend closer to $17.  Instead of instantly writing the item off because of the higher price, think about these things:

  1. Who is the person that created this item?  Is it a mom trying to stay home with her little ones and work from home too?
  2. How much time did this person put into drawing, photoshopping, printing, photographing, listing and packaging this item?
  3. Is this shirt original and not found anywhere else?
  4. How excited will the person be receiving the gift?  How many people love and comment on the item?
There is something very special about handmade gifts, both receiving and giving them.  If you need any ideas for handmade gifts, check out some of my favorites on the right tool bar, or shop etsy.com.  You will be amazed at shop owner's creativity and kindness!  Check out littlebluefeather.etsy.com to see some of my screen printed eco friendly t-shirts for toddlers and adults, appliqued onesies and hair accessories!

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