Pinterest = Love

Over the past few months I have heard several bloggers talk about Pinterest and how much fun this website is for cataloging beautiful things.  Of course, I needed another internet site to add to my list, so I hopped on over ;)

I requested an invite to join Pinterest, and the next day I had an account.  About twenty minutes later, I was hooked!  Basically, you search anything online, and when you find something you want to "pin" onto one of your inspiration boards through your pinterest account, you just click "pin it" and add it to whichever board you choose.  This means you no longer have to bookmark all these different websites to your computer and search through them by title.  You just hop on to Pinterest and you see your pretty pictures and sites they belong to hanging out in the appropriate place you assigned them to!

{For example} - I have a board that is for digital art favorites and whenever I come across something on etsy or another blog that I love, I pin it to my board so I can revisit the design and website in the future. The great thing about Pinterest is it will connect you back up with the link where you first decided you wanted to pin that image.  

SO. COOL.!  You should give it a try :) 

You can check out my pins here.

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