Apartment Therapy

This past weekend we said goodbye to Mansfield/Ashland and said hello to Fairlawn/Akron/Cleveland.  We have slowly emptied boxes and started to settle in to our new place.  My husband and I have lived in 3 apartments in the past 3 years, each of them a one bedroom place.  In the past 3 years, we have added a second dog and accumulated more clothes, books, wall decor, and little blue feather supplies.  To help keep things clutter free and organized, I looked online and found the website apartment therapy and instantly fell in love.  You can find so many ideas for decorating, DIY projects and tips to staying organized at apartmenttherapy.com.  One of my favorite articles on the website is Top 10 organizing tips from Chez Larsson.  Check it out if you are also moving, downsizing or just looking for room inspiration ideas!

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