Silly Little Monsters

Monsters today are losing their creepy and fearful vibe and trading it in for cute and cuddly instead.  Maybe we have Monsters Inc. to thank for that!  Monsters are appearing everywhere and in so many different forms.  They are now soft plush dolls, clothing appliques, wall decals, and have even been spotted on accessories like small clutches, brooches and shoes.  Are monsters taking over our children's bedrooms?!  

Monsters seem to be the teddy bear of the current generation.  I spot so many children out in public with their favorite Ugly Doll, sock monster or Pixar monster character with them in their stroller.  There are a lot of people that are unsure why they are so popular and might think they are ugly, weird or just really silly looking; and that is exactly the point!  The great thing about monsters is that they look totally different from other dolls and there are so many different types of monsters out there.  You can make a sock monster with endless possibilities based on which two socks you find and like best together.  A monster is defined by having an abnormal form and absence of body parts which makes it easy for all ages to start drawing and create their own monster characters.  

One of my favorite Little Blue Feather appliqued shirts originated from a simple drawing one morning that was transferred to a fun fabric and detailed with button eyes, missing teeth and a big smiley mouth.  This silly yellow monster is definitely adorable and a non biter!

Check out more silly little hand made monsters below!  

I purchased this hat for my nephew for Christmas last year and I can't even begin to explain to you how adorable he looks in it!  His parents say everyone comments on his hat when they are out in public!  Check out her other knit hats too!

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PJD said...

These are my favorite!!!! I love the owls, but the silly little monster shirt is my absolute fav! I can't wait for Jake to wear his shirt on his birthday in June! :)

Linda said...

Thanks for including my little luggage tag!