Just Because...

Two things I always associate with my grandmother are flowers and birds.  When I was younger, I didn't see the beauty in them the way she did.  I remember hundreds of flowers at her house and seeing pictures she took of them and also the ones at her sister's house in Tennessee.  As I have grown older, I have developed an appreciation for flowers.  The way they bloom, their scent and the way they catch your attention every time you walk in the room is something beautiful.  

A few days ago, my husband had flowers sent to me at home with a little note that said "I hope you have a great day.  I love you."  It is the most simple and thoughtful unexpected gift I could have asked for!  Plus, it was very out of character for him which made it even more special.  Now that I have these beautiful flowers inspiring me, I think my focus this week is going to be making new flower accessories. New flower headbands, hair clips and brooches coming soon!

One of my favorite flowers:  hydrangea.  What's yours?!

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PJD said...

Those are beautiful flowers - how sweet of your hubby!