Creative Custom Orders

This year I have received some creative custom order requests from family, friends and etsy customers.  Custom orders are always really exciting, and sometimes they can make me a little anxious too!  I always want the design to meet or exceed the customer's expectations, while at the same time staying true to my brand identity.

Some of the custom order requests I have really enjoyed working on are shown below:

An O shirt for a little girl named Olive with a coordinating O animal, Ostrich.

A shirt for Olive's sister Celia with a burnt orange C and polka dot Cat.

This zebra has the best of both.  Polka dots and hand painted stripes!  This was made for my little cousin Olivia who loves zebras!

My most recent request came from my friend Abbey for her {a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.} little boy Griffin. Abbey has really great style and she is always on the hunt for cute, unique boy items for little Griff; and I must add that she is an amazing supporter of little blue feather.  From day one she has been my biggest fan and I am so thankful for her.  She has encouraged me to do a stud muffin t-shirt and other fun sayings to applique on boy shirts, but a couple weeks ago she came to me with a request to do a mushroom "fun guy" (as opposed to fungi...) shirt for Griffin.  Of course, I was excited to make a shirt for her but also because this is something my husband always likes to say!  Whenever he thinks he is being really funny or telling jokes (most days) and I am not hysterically laughing at him he says "come on you know I am a fungi".....I have so much love for my 26 year old big kid husband!  I can not wait to see little Griffin in his mushroom shirt!

Do you have a fun guy in your life?!

2T eco friendly oatmeal heather t-shirt with hand drawn applique by LittleBlueFeather. 

Little Blue Feather's most interesting request:

A fire breathing T-Rex riding a harley, eating a steak and carrying a firearm.
     -from my wonderful cousin Jimmy after finding out him and his wife were adding a boy to their family of all girls.  LBF has not figured out how to tackle this one yet!

Surprisingly, my brother-in-law asked me yesterday if LBF could do a fire breathing T-Rex also.  Must be a dad thing?!

Happy Monday!


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